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  • Dermal Fillers

    Fillers are fantastic! They are a quick and easy way of treating static lines (those that are there even when your face is still) and can also be used for adding volume and shape to your face.

    The most commonly known brand is Restylane but there are numerous fillers including Perlane, Juvederm, Belotero, Hydrafill, Teosyal and most are made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. The body is full of hyaluronic acid and it attracts water and plumps skin, making it firm and healthy.

    Hyaluronic acid fillers are natural and effective way of instantly filling lines, and wrinkles on the face, restoring volume and shaping the face. Filler, when correctly administered by an experienced injector, is soft and natural looking, and can last up to a year. Well placed filler never looks artifical or lumpy, just smooth and youthful, so for instant and long lasting volume and lift, ask for an appointment with Dr Dewji

    Pelleve (BRAND NEW)

    pelleve logoPellevé is a revolutionary non-surgical procedure to safely and effectively treat facial wrinkles with virtually no pain and little downtime

    If you’re considering how to refresh your appearance without surgery, the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System may be right for you. Pellevé safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles with virtually no pain, no anesthesia, and no downtime. With just a single, one-hour treatment, you could be on your way to firmer, tighter skin—with results that can last up to six months.

    Explore the Pellevé website and learn more about Pellevé by visiting the different tabs, such as Pellevé Q&A. You can see videos on the Pellevé procedure and a variety of Before and After pictures. Book an appointment with one of our Doctors and decide if the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System is right for you based on your skin type, age, and what you hope to accomplish by having the procedure.

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